Tapflo Croatia


Batch control unit

The pneumatic batch unit allows you to set and pump a certain number of pump strokes – all this without any electricity.

The system is easily applied on all Tapflo pumps. Only the exhaust muffler has to modified with a hose connection.

How it works
When the batch is started, the unit will count the number of pump strokes the pump is doing. The pump strokes are sensed from the variation of pressure in the air exhaust by a pressure switch (placed in the counter unit).

Filling containers of various volumes
Let us say that you are using a T50 to fill containers of the sizes 5, 10 and 25 litres. What you first once have to do is to manually prime the different volumes and record have many strokes the pump needs. For future batching, just enter the number of strokes and press "start". The batch unit will start the pump, count down and finally stop the pump when the batch is finished.

Dimensions mm
Control and alarm unit 140 × 130 × 110
Available for all Tapflo pumps  
Material of junction box, protection:
ABS plastic (IP 55 or IP 65) or
stainless steel AISI 316 (IP 44)