Explosion proof pumps


Features & benefits

  • Made from conductive (carbon filled) plastics PE or PTFE.
  • For use in explosion hazardous environments
  • Can be used in Equipment group IIG (gas), CAT 2 (zone 1)


Tapflo pumps made from conductive (carbon filled) plastics PE or PTFE are made for use in explosion hazardous environments. They can be used in Equipment group IIG (gas), CAT 2 (zone 1).


How they work

The conductive material ensures that no electrostatic loads will be accumulated in the pump. The conductive pigments in the material reduces the surface resistance to less than 105 W.The pigments, causing the black colour, does not affect the chemical resistance of the thermoplastics.

The TX pumps have diphragms in PTFE (with conductive back) or EPDM (conductive). An earth connection is mounted on the pump, for earthing of electrostatic loads.


Transfer of alcohol and solvents are examples of applications for the Tapflo TX pumps

All PE & PTFE series pumps are available as TX pumps.

The EC ATEX directive 94/9/EC

The ATEX directive (also known as ATEX 100a) is applicable on products used in explosion hazardous zones. This directive also covers non electrical products, like our diaphragm pumps.

From July 2003, it is mandatory within the EU to have ATEX certificate on products which are intended for use in EX-zones.

There are three main categories (zones) in the ATEX directive:

  • CAT 1 (zone 0), flammable material present continuously or for long periods
  • CAT 2 (zone 1), flammable material present occasionally in normal operation
  • CAT 3 (zone 2), flammable material present in abnormal conditions for short periods
TX50 PTTexlpsionproofpump side.en The Tapflo TX pumps are suitable to operate in explosion hazardous areas Ex-zone 1.

O nama. Grupacija Tapflo je neovisni europski proizvođač i globalni dobavljač membranskih pumpi, centrifugalnih pumpi te druge industrijske procesne opreme. Tvrtka Tapflo je u obiteljskom vlasništvu te ima vlastita predstavništva u 30 zemalja i neovisne distributere u više od 45 zemalja.