Thermoplastic Centrifugal Pumps

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Tapflo in cooperation with Arbo pompen en Filters b.v. supply excellent, highly reliable and corrosion resistant pumps and filters for a wide range of duties.

Since the foundation in 1954, Arbo pompen en Filters b.v. focussed on the design and production of sustainable products with a short payback time thanks to significantly low maintenance cost. With a team of experienced engineers, production- and sales staff, ARBOservices a wide customer base through a worldwide distribution network.Thanks to the employment of high performance plastics, Arbo pumps offer a remarkably longer life span than metal pumps that will suffer from corrosion.


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O nama. Grupacija Tapflo je neovisni europski proizvođač i globalni dobavljač membranskih pumpi, centrifugalnih pumpi te druge industrijske procesne opreme. Tvrtka Tapflo je u obiteljskom vlasništvu te ima vlastita predstavništva u 30 zemalja i neovisne distributere u više od 45 zemalja.