ISO 9001 certified

The Tapflo manufacture process is certified according toISO 9001:2000.


CE marked products

All pumps and pulsation dampeners are CE marked and fulfill the demands

of the EC machinery directive 89/393/EEC with amendments.

EC machinery directive


The EC ATEX directive 94/9/EC

The ATEX directive (also known as ATEX 100a) is applicable on products used in 
explosion hazardous zones. This

directive also covers non electrical products, 
like our diaphragm pumps. From July 2003, it is mandatory within the EU to have 

ATEX certificate on products which are intended for use in EX-zones.

ATEX directive 94/9/EC

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EHEDG Certified

For sterile applications in primarily the pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and foodstuffs industries. Owing to its special design this is the first Tapflo series to be approved according to EHEDG regulations.  


O nama. Grupacija Tapflo je neovisni europski proizvođač i globalni dobavljač membranskih pumpi, centrifugalnih pumpi te druge industrijske procesne opreme. Tvrtka Tapflo je u obiteljskom vlasništvu te ima vlastita predstavništva u 30 zemalja i neovisne distributere u više od 45 zemalja.