Flap Valves


To allow handling liquids with big size particles and avoid destroying them during pumping process Tapflo developed flap valves as option on the T425 sanitary pump.  


Flap valves are designed for trouble-free and reliable operation. Mounted with clamps they provide easy maintenance and cleaning. Maximum size of particles is impressive 48 mm and suction lift is as high as 4.4 meter. Examples of applications are food products with bigger and delicate solids and waste products from slaughterhouses (chicken waste as example).


Flap valves made in AISI 316 are mounted in special flap valve cup with clamps between housing and manifold. Pump with flap valves differ from standard pump by valve type, manifold outlet (pos.132), pump housing (pos.11) and pump stand (pos 17).    

Flap valves complete can also be implemented on existing standard pumps. The main difference when comparing housing and manifolds in flap valve version is lack of ball stops welded inside, which are reducing max particle size.

Flap valves design is the basis for newer solution of ball cup valves – to mount cup with valve between pump housing and manifolds.


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