PE & PTFE series Pumps

Tapflo pumps made from polyethylene (PE) or virgin PTFE plastics are suitable for handling almost any kind of liquid whether it is viscous, chemically aggressive or with solids. Few components and a simple but ingenious design is peculiar for all Tapflo pumps. It is a compact pump, easy and quick to maintain, keeping your service costs and process down time to a minimum.

Polyethylene (PE) pumps

Polyethylene (PE HD) has a superior wear resistance which is 6 – 7 times better than for polypropylene (PP). This fact makes the pump suitable for handling abrasive slurries etc. PE is resistant to most kind of aggressive chemicals such as concentrated acids and alkalis. Maximum liquid temperature is 70°C.

PTFE pumps

PTFE (virgin polytetrafluorethylene) is a thermoplastic polymer with superior chemical resistance. The PTFE pump will handle even the most aggressive acids, for instance concentrated nitric acid. Maximum liquid temperature is up to 100°C.

PE & PTFE series Pumps

1. Flexible installations
The connections may be rotated 180°. Simply turn the connections to fit your piping system. Threaded BSP orNPT plastic connections is standard, AISI 316 or other connections types are also available.

2. Solid and strong
The pump body is machined from solid PE or PTFE. The solid design will stand against mechanical forces as well as aggressive chemicals.

3. Chemical design
The compound diaphragm has a completely smooth liquid side surface and with no metal in contact with the liquid. Ideal for a safe chemical handling.

4. Low air consumption
The air distribution system is designed with shortest possible air distribution ways. This eliminates ”dead spaces”, resulting in high effiencey and low air consumption.

Features & Benefits

No rotating parts 

- Gentle liquid handling makes it ideal for shear sensitive liquids or abrasive products. Adjustable suction pipe length.

High pressure 

- Able to handle even high viscous products

Infinitely variable flow

- Easy to adjust the flow for a safe fluid handling

PE & PTFE series Pumps

Drum pump

The Tapflo drum pump is ideal for mobile use. It is fitted with a drum tube in polypropylene (PP) or PTFE and a handle in stainless steel AISI 316L. The drum tube is delivered in any length up to 2 m. Tapflo diaphragm drum pump has many advantages compared with conventional drum pumps.

PE & PTFE Drum pump range

Size  Capacity (l/min   –   gallon)
TDR20  20 lit/min    –     3/8”
TD50  50 lit/min    -    1/2”
*TD100  100 lit/min    –     1”

 *TD100 is available in PE only (no handle)

Handle your liquids comfortable. You will easily move your Tapflo drum pump between drums and containers.

ATEX certified explosion proof pumps

Tapflo pumps made from conductive (carbon filled) plastics PE or PTFE are made for use in explosion hazardous environments. They can be used in Equipment group IIG(gas), CAT 2 (zone 1).

How they work

The conductive material ensures that no electrostatic loads will be accumulated in the pump. The conductive pigments in the material reduces the surface resistance to less than 105 W.The pigments, causing the black colour, does not affect the chemical resistance of the thermoplastics.

The TX pumps have diphragms in PTFE (with conductive back) or EPDM (conductive). An earth connection is mounted on the pump, for earthing of electrostatic loads.


Transfer of alcohol and solvents are examples of applications for the Tapflo TX pumps.

All PE & PTFE series pumps are available as TX pumps.

The EC ATEX directive 94/9/EC

The ATEX directive (also known as ATEX 100a) is applicable on products used in explosion hazardous zones. This directive also covers non electrical products, like our diaphragm pumps.

From July 2003, it is mandatory within the EU to have ATEXcertificate on products which are intended for use in EX-zones.

There are three main categories (zones) in the ATEXdirective:
• CAT 1 (zone 0), flammable material present continuously or for long periods
• CAT 2 (zone 1), flammable material present occasionally in normal operation
• CAT 3 (zone 2), flammable material present in abnormal conditions for short periods

The Tapflo TX pumps are suitable to operate 
in explosion hazardous areas Ex-zone 1.

Twin pumps

Tapflo PE & PTFE series pumps may be fitted with double in/outlet to achieve ”two pumps in one” for blending, mixing or recirculation of liquids. The liquid in one pump chamber is separated from the other one.

Filter press pump stations 

The Tapflo pump station for filterpress feeding is a very compact unit that can be mounted directly to the filterpress. The design and function allows the user a straightforward pressing of slurries.

How they work

Pressure regulator is already mounted to the unit. The pump stations are based on the standard Tapflo pumps from machined polyethylene (PE). An external pressure booster doubles the delivery pressure. For example, with available air pressure of 7 bar, the delivery pressure will be maximum 14 bar.

The installation

As this station works self-regulating, an additional device for regulating the flow quantity is not necessary. Just mount it to the filterpress, connect it – ready.Even the pressure regulator for the air supply is included. For monitoring the filling-level of the filterpress, stroke sensors and stroke counters are available.

 PE & PTFE TF pump range

Size  Capacity (l/min   –   gallon)
TF50  50 lit/min    -    1/2"
TF100  100 lit/min    -    1"
TF200  200 lit/min    –     1 1/2”
TF400  400 lit/min    –     2”

Installation of filter presspump

PE & PTFE series Pumps


The performance curves are based on water 20°C. Other circumstances might change the performance.

These curves are valid for all PE & PTFE series, except from the TF pumps.


See the red line at the TR9 curve. A flow of 6l/min is desired. The discharge head is calculated to 30 mWC. We choose a TR9. It requires an air pressure of 6 bar and will consume approximately 0.10 Nm3 air per minute.

PE & PTFE series Pumps


Dimensions for PE & PTFE series
mm / inch 


PE & PTFE series Pumps

Technical data

PE & PTFE series Pumps

Pump code

PE & PTFE series Pumps

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  • Pulp & paper industry

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  • Mechanical industry

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7 Item(s)

  • T100 – 1″

    T100 – 1″
    T100 and ATEX approved TX100 are powerful middle sized pumps measuring only 200 × 214 × 320 mm with a flow of 125 liter/minute.
    Learn More»
  • T200 – 1 1/2″

    T200 – 1 1/2″
    T200 and ATEX approved TX200 are some of our larger pumps measuring 270 × 310 × 450 mm with an impressive max flow of 330 liter/minute.
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  • T400 – 2″

    T400 – 2″
    T400 and ATEX approved TX400 are our second largest pumps measuring 350 × 380 × 563 mm with a flow capacity of 570 liter/minute.
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  • T50 and TX50 – 1/2″

    T50 and TX50 – 1/2″
    A powerful middle sized diaphragm pump measuring only 150 × 160 × 243 mm with a flow of up to 60 liter/minute.
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  • T800 – 3″

    T800 – 3″
    T800 and is our largest pump measuring 460 × 589 × 830 mm with a flow capacity of 820 liter/minute.
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  • TR20 – 3/8″

    TR20 – 3/8″
    The second smallest pump in our range, measuring only 105 × 112 × 168 mm but still very powerful with a flow of 20 liter/minute.
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  • TR9 – 1/4"

    TR9 – 1/4"
    TR9 and TXR9 (ATEX version) are the smallest in the range of PE & PTFE diaphragm pumps, measuring only 70 × 90 × 120 mm but still very powerful with a flow of 9 liter/minute. Ideal for...
    Learn More»
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