Magnetic drive Pumps

CTM pumps are used in most industries where liquids are pumped. The pumps handle many types of low and normal viscous clean liquids such as chemical aggressive and toxic.

Magnetic drive Pumps

How they work

The power from the motor is transmitted to the centrifugal impeller by means of a magnetic coupling. A so called isolation shell between the drive magnet and the impeller magnet separate the liquid side from the drive.

Working principle
1) Drive magnet, connected to the motor
2) Isolation shell (rear housing) separating the liquid side from the atmosphere
3) Impeller magnet assembly, driven by the drive magnet

Magnetic drive Pumps


Performance curve

Performance overview (2900 rpm motor)

Magnetic drive Pumps



Magnetic drive Pumps

Pump code

Magnetic drive Pumps

  • Chemical industry

    Chemical industry The chemical industry is one of the biggest potential customers group of all mentioned. Chemical companies use a large number of pumps in their process. Diaphragm pumps are mainly used where portab...Read more»

4 Item(s)

  • CTM 20-7

    CTM 20-7
    CTM 20-7 is the smallest in the range of CTM pumps, with motor 0.12 kW, capacity 4.5 m3/h and max head 7.5 m.
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  • CTM 25-10

    CTM 25-10
    CTM 25-10 is the biggest pump in the range of magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, with 0.55 kW motor, capacity of 10 m3/h and max head 13.5 m.
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  • CTM 25-8

    CTM 25-8
    CTM 25-8 has a 0.25 kW motor, has a max capacity of 7 m3/h and max head 8.5 m.
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  • CTM 32-12.5

    CTM 32-12.5
    CTM 32-12.5 is the biggest pump in the range of magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, with 0.75 – 1.1 kW motor, capacity of 10.8 m3/h and max head 19.5 m.
    Learn More»
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