Filter housings

  • Capacity to 40 m³/h
  • Can be combined with any ARBO pump
  • Filter rates of 0,2 to 1200 micron

Filter housings


  • For all duties that require accurate removal of organic or an-organic particles from corrosive liquids with maximum efficiency.
  • Can be used as in-line or off-line process filter. Wide variety of standard configurations for in-line pump protection available.



  • Machined of massive PP that covers a very wide range of duties – there is no metal to liquid contact. All reinforcement parts are made of SS-316.
  • For highly abrasive liquids (high % of solids) housing parts of High modulus HMPE may be ordered.
  • For highly corrosive mixtures at higher temperatures even a housings entirely made of virgin PVDF are available.
  • Bag filters can be produced from PVC-CAW for liquids that contain high percentage of Chlorine.



The system is designed to ensure by-pass free filtration. The cover closure is provided with firm hand wheels on swing bolts so that there are no loose parts. The transparent cover enables simple air lock inspection in order to make full use of your  filter elements. An air release valve is standard and the rotatable diaphragm gauge gives insight in your filter load


Technical details filters  
Design pressure PN4
Max. system pressure 4 Bar at 20 oC, 6 Bar optional
Max. flow 80 m3/h
Filter retention 0,5 - 1200 mm


Materials of construction Abbreviation T min. oC T max. oC
Polypropylene PP 0 80
Polyvinylchloride PVC-CAW -20 60
High Modulus Polyethylene HMPE -50 80
Polyvinylidenfluoride PVDF -30 120


Materials of elastomers Abbreviation T min. oC T max. oC
EPDM E -40 150
Viton V -25 220
Polytetrafluorethene T -190 260


Materials of connections Abbreviation
DIN2501 PN10 Flanges F
3-D Unions +GF+ or FIP U

Filter housings

Separate Filter chambers

In order to give the best possible solution for each customer’s specific filtration requirement, there are several ranges of filter systems available:

  • Model IC - for wound cartridges only
  • Model MP - with separate filter package holder with cartridges or discs
  • Model HD - heavy duty filter for max. pressure of 6 Bar
  • Model FIB - for filter bags
  • Model KO - for active carbon filtration


Model IC - Individual Cartridge holding

Filter   chambers are  specifically  designed   for   wound   filter cartridges

  • enabling the use of either inch or metric sizes
  • each cartridge is mounted over a solid center rod and individually fixed with lock nut – therefore very easy to load and absolutely by-pass free
  • the maximum filter cartridge diameter is restricted to 62 mm
  • max. operating pressure at 20 oC is 4 Bar
  • separate mounting plate so besides standard dimensions, customized sizes are rather simple to fulfill


Model MP - Multi Purpose filter package

The filter media are mounted on a separate holder, that is fix to the bottom, independently from the housing cover

  • cartridge holders are available for all kinds of cartridges li membrane, active carbon, pleated etc. with max. diametr < 72mm
  • filter disc holders are suited for paper, cardboard or cloth
  • very easy to load – 1 central wing nut
  • the filter package can be prepared entirely before inserting it into the filter housing – therefore it is very efficient and user friendly
  • very low internal pressure loss so high flow rates possible
  • optional  available   with   IC  construction  to   lock   every cartridge individually
  • covers of the larger models are provided with hinge for easy opening
  • max. operating pressure at 20 oC is 4 Bar

Model  NK-HD - Heavy  Duty  cartridge  filter  for  max. operating pressure at 20 oC of 6 Bar

The filter basically has the same features as Model IC but the filter housing is even more rigid.

  • the welded bottom construction is reinforced with 8 pull rods that go all the way along the filter housing to the top cover. These ensure that even at the high pressure of 6 Bar the housing remains stable.
  • for selection table we refer to model IC or MP and ask  you  to  mention  in  your  enquiry  that  you require the higher pressure rate of 6 Bar


Model FI-B - Filter Bag chambers

Effective alternative for cartridge filter systems thanks to following advantages:

  • wide variety of filter bags available
    • needle felt (multi-filament)
    • single layer (mono-filament)
    • retention rates from 1-1200 micron
  • in standard execution suited for “ARBOring” bags
  • single layer bags >100 micron are washable and save material- and disposal costs
  • large effective filtration area and big storage capacity provides a long filter life span
  • easy to handle filter bag
  • removable   perforated   bag   holder   for   maximum support – therefore the maximum differential pressure of the filter bag is allowed
  • very low initial pressure drop of 0.07 Bar
  • can be supplied without bottom for “in-tank” use with immersible pump
  • max pressure allowed at 20 oC is 3 Bar
  • max temperature allowed is 75 oC


Model KO - Active Carbon Filter chamber

Specifically designed for active carbon granular to remove organic contamination from corrosive liquids.

  • basically all kinds of active carbon can be used, as long as it is granular and not powder.
  • may be used for other filter media like crystals  or  oil  absorbent  materials too.
  • the   filter   media    are    packed   in    a washable PP filter bag of 5 micron that both functions as pre- and post- filter. The pre-filter ensures that the active carbon is not polluted with particles; the post-filter ensures that no active carbon is slipping into your working tank.
  • very easy to maintain – because the filter packages are pre-packed available in modules of 20 Ltr these are very easy to install.

Optional available for all models:

  • SS-316 or PP pedestal
  • pre-coat dosing unit
  • diaphragm switch gauge for flow and/ or pressure monitoring (see leaflet pump protection)
  • customized mounting plates
  • duo filter units with combinations of all mentioned filter chambers
  • units with centrifugal pumps as complete filter pump with all necessary piping and control valves.

Filter housings

Filter chamber ordering code



Filter Q'ty

Filter type

Filter package size

Housing type





Gauge/ air release

Mounting plate

FI 1-18 K 10-30" IC PP E MMO D
  26-59 S 160-350mm MP PVC-CAW V O DSP
1 B 410-820 FIB PVDF T MM  
1-4 KO 369x175mm KO HMPE   MKMO


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