“Seal-less” immersible pumps

  • Dry running resistant!
  • Compact series for machines
  • Max. 300 m³/h, max. 90 m

“Seal-less” immersible pumps

  • For all applications where metal pumps suffer from corrosion
  • Machined completely from solid blocks of plastic
  • No injection molding or welding involved
    • no chemical cracking!
  • No metal parts in the liquid
    • extremely corrosion resistant
  • With liquid seal
    • no mechanical parts in the liquid
  • Can be run dry without damage
  • Several configurations and immersible lengths
  • Special executions for abrasive liquids
  • For plastic pumps unique new hydraulics:
    • very smooth operation and low noise level
    • increased efficiency - lower energy consumption
    • improved NPSH (suction capabilities)
    • reduced clogging
    • direction independent impeller fixation
    • particles in the liquid up to Ø 4mm without damage
    • flow rates (Q.) up to 300 m³/h
    • delivery heads (H.) up to 80 M
  • Maximum security against air capture or leakage
  • ATEX zone 2 available


Principle of operation

ARBO immersible pumps are single stage centrifugal pumps for open tank installation or in sumps. The pump part is immersed in the liquid and the motor remains above the liquid surface. They are perfect for circulation or transfer purposes with fixed or fluctuating level. The pumps operate by means of a “liquid seal” without any mechanical seal what so ever.

Self priming capabilities

Centrifugal pumps are “normal priming”. This means that the installation needs to ensure that during starting, the impeller is fully submersed. The pump can be made suitable for emptying deeper tanks by means of a suction pipe extension. Once the level of the liquid reaches the strainer or end of suction pipe, the liquid seal is broken. The level needs to rise until above the impeller again in order to restart.

Dry running

Thanks to the liquid seal, there is no need for a mechanical seal. The pump shaft bearings are outside the liquid zone. The shaft is self centering and therefore no foot bearing is required. Therefore this pump is insensitive to dry running and solids in the liquid can be pumped without any damage.


This series of pumps is equipped with half a open impeller that is secured onto the shaft independently from the direction of rotation. Solid particles may pass through the pump without damage. Even for circulation at a fixed low level in the tank the special impeller shape prevents air capture that can cause foam in the process liquid.

“Seal-less” immersible pumps

Seal-less immersible Pumps SumPro


For all transport or circulation duties of corrosive liquids, that may content even high amount of particles or sludge with medium viscosity. This series of pumps is equipped with a state of the art semi-open impeller that is fixed onto the shaft independent from the direction of rotation.


Standard is the material PPH that covers a very wide range of duties. For highly abrasive liquids (high percentage of solids), at special order, impellers or housing parts of High Modulus Polyethylene are available.

For highly corrosive mixtures of acids at higher temperatures a pump housing entirely made of virgin PVDF is available.

For our smaller series, we can make PTFE pump housings to deal with strong alkaline at higher temperatures.


Materials of construction Abbreviation T min. oC T max. oC
Polypropylene PP 0 80
High Modulus Polyethylene HMPE -50 80
Polyvinylidenfluoride PVDF -30 120
Polytetrafluorethylene* PTFE -40 140
Conductive plastics for ATEX- zones PP/PVDF/PE-EL


Technical details pumps  
Design pressure PN6
Design standard (BG1/2C) DIN - EN 12157
Max. system pressure not applicable; "open system"
Min. flow BG1-3: 0,5 m3/h; BG4: 1 m3/h; BG5: 3 m3/h
Max. flow 45 m3/h
Max. head 56 m (60 Hz)
Max. viscosity 250 mPas
Max. solid size 3 mm
Technical details motors  
Standard Three-phase, multivoltage, TEFC
High efficiency IE2 efficiency level acc. IEC60034-30
Duty Continuous duty: S1
Multi Voltage 220-240/380-415V  50 Hz // 440-460 V 60 Hz
Protection class IP55 (IEC 34-5/ NEN-EN 60034-5)
Insulation Class “F” (ΔT=80 C);
Max. ambient temperature Ambient temperature: -30 to 40°C, at 1000 m.a.s.l.
Max. relative humidity < 95%
Optional available  
Other voltages f.i. 480 V/ 3 Ph/ 60 Hz
Other insulation f.i. Tropicalized
PTC Thermistors on windings
Thermal or dust protection: IP56, IP65, IP66, IPW56, IPW65 or IPW66

Materials of construction

Pos.  Description Standard Option Option
100 Housing parts PPH  PVDF PTFE
162 Suction adaptor PPH  Extended suction pipe w. or w/o strainer Extended suction pipe w. or w/o strainer
163 Discharge adapter PPH  FIP or GF union (end) CP- connection
210 Pump shaft SS    
230 Impeller PPH  HMPE PVDF
  Impeller type Semi-open  Turbine Turbine
343 Pump bracket PPH    
400 Gaskets EPDM  VITON  PTFE encapsulated
421 Mechanical seal NONE; liquid seal  Gas seal  Gas seal
524 Shaft protecting sleeve PPH  HMPE  PVDF
800 Motor 2 or 4 pole    
900 Fasteners SS-316  PEEK  Hasteloy C


Seal-less immersible Pumps BB


This pump, for 'out of tank' use offers the same advantages as the  standard Sumpro series.

Dry run resistant

Although the pump is “dry-mounted” it can be run dry without damage as there is no seal and no bearing in the pump housing. An advantage when handling abrasive or crystallizing liquids.

Space effective

Additional advantages are that it can be used where there is insufficient space inside the tank, and that it can pump over a second circuit by tapping the suction pipe, for example, for pre-coating or flushing operations.

Corrosion resistant

There is no metal to liquid contact; wetted parts of the pump can be PP or PVDF according to suitability for the intended use. Gaskets of EPDM are standard and optional are Viton or PTFE-encapsulated O-rings.

The suction pipe can be connected directly through the tank wall (A) or it can be in the form of a siphon pipe (B), as shown in the drawing. In the case of a closed valve on the discharge pipe, the overflow pipe (C) relieves pressure by conducting the liquid back into the tank.

Corrosion resistant seal-less immersible Pumps HD

The HD immersible pumps cover a wide range of duties and are designed to operate with a liquid seal. These pumps, like the small DO series, have no mechanical seal or bearing in the liquid and can therefore run dry without damage. Besides this, the clearances in the pump housing are large enough to allow solids up to ø 5 mm in suspension without wear.

The pumps is close- coupled, with the pump shaft connected directly to the motor shaft without a flexible coupling. This reduces the number of wear parts to a minimum. For easy servicing a lifting bar is standard.

  • The minimum starting level is 310 mm below the mounting plate.
  • By extending the suction pipe (max. total immersible length of 3 mtr.) the pump is capable of emptying sumps as shown in the figures.
  • The discharge connection is a PN 10 flange according to DIN/ISO. Other drillings are available.
  • Materials
    • All wetted parts are made of PP or PVDF from solid blocks. Therefore there is no possibility of stress cracking as so often occurs with  molded pumps.
  • Maximum operating temperatures:
    • PP      :  80 ºC
    • PVDF : 120 ºC
  • All wetted parts made massive blocks of corrosion resistant plastic PP or PVDF.
  • Close coupled – compact design
  • No seal or bearing in the pump housing;
    • pump can be run dry
    • pump can handle any abrasive or crystallizing liquid
    • pump allows particles till Æ 5 mm in suspension.
  • Immersible length of max. 2.5 meter by extended suction pipe
  • Floating types for emptying deep tanks at any level.
  • Low operational costs and maintenance friendly.
  • Flow rates 10 – 150 m3/h.
  • The SS-316 pump shaft is fully sleeved with plastic ensuring no metal to liquid contact. The shaft sleeve is welded to the impeller so that the amount of gaskets is minimized. Gaskets are available in Viton (standard), EPDM, or Viton/PTFE.
  • Motors
    • Standard IEC , 2 or 4-pole motors with voltage 400/690 V/ 3 Ph/ 50 or 60 Cy with protection class IP55, insulation class F and rain cover. The motors are protected against bad fumes by a labyrinth seal and are epoxy resin paint coated.
  • Impellers
    • Because ARBO submersible pumps are particularly suited for very dirty liquids, they are provided with semi-open impellers which are fixed independently from the direction of rotation. The special TS- impeller shape creates, when running, a “liquid seal” around the impeller and the shaft.

“Seal-less” immersible pumps

Seal-less immersible Pumps SumPro ordering code



      Connection Motor          
Model Disch. size (D) Housing size Wetted parts

Impeller if different

Gas seal Gaskets   Disch. (d) Pole Power kW Voltage Phase Freq. Atex
DO 15   55  PP  PVDF   E R  2 0.12, 0.25  2  1  5 EX
  20   80 PVDF   HMPE GD   4 0.37, 0.55  3  3  6  
  25   125       CP    0.75, 1.1  4      
  32  160         BB   1.5, 2.2  6      
  40               3.0, 4.0        
  50               5.5, 7.5         
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