Tapflo in cooperation with ARBO Pompen en Filters b.v. announces cost efficient solutions for industrial manufacturing in Croatia

Tapflo in cooperation with ARBO Pompen en Filters b.v. from the Netherlands remarkably widens the product portfolio and possibilities, including thermoplastic centrifugal pumps, for industrial applications and other cooperation partners in Croatia.

The role of the right product choice is crucial in the production and work process that allows industrial companies – one of the main cornerstones of local economics - to work effectively. Apprizing the companies will work together to provide the best customer product expertise and strengthen the local companies possibilities by confirming the main commitment to the customers – providing products that keeps the customer ownership and maintenance costs at minimum level:

  • Thermoplastic centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal
  • “Seal-less” immersible pumps
  • Pump accessories
  • Filter housings
  • Oil skimmers

Thanks to the use of high performance plastics, ARBO offer a remarkably longer life span than metal pumps that will suffer from corrosion. At ARBO environment and safety take a central position. All scrap material is recycled, in order to save costs and the environment as well.

For new pumps and parts only new raw materials are used and all pumps, new as well as repaired, are prior to shipment extensively tested on its duty point on the test benches which complies with the NEN-EN-ISO 9906-2012 standard.

Tapflo East director Przemyslaw Szypica comments: „ we are proud to announce our cooperation with a partner that since 1954 has gained experience and knowledge in excellent and corrosion resistant pumps and filters production. From now on we will be able to meet the growing customer demand especially for reliable plastic centrifugal pumps.”

Thanks to the combination of long-term expertise, continues research and the use of the most advanced tools, ARBO keeps leading position in the development of high quality plastic products. All products feature uncomplicated construction, modulair build-up, highest quality materials and low energy consumption.

ARBO CCO, Peter van‘t Sant is proud about the cooperation with Tapflo East. The philosophy of both companies matches if it comes application- and pump knowledge in order to serve the customer with specific pump solutions. With Tapflo East, as a new partner in the global distribution network, we strengthen our position with global thinking and local acting. In most situations our pumps are used in processes where the liquid is corrosive and/or agressive and the professional advice, product reliability and after sales service are the key decision factors.     Thermoplastic pumps differentiate fundamentally to moulded plastic pumps by its durability, strength and resistance to chemicals for a wide variaty of applications. With the interesting pump portfolio and expertise of Tapflo we realize this differentation towards other local pump suppliers. We look forward to our cooperation and sharing knowledge for the benefit of our customers.

IMG_1090 KR-150-250-IEC180 

About Tapflo

Today Tapflo is one of the fastest growing companies in  Croatia in the segment with the ambition to provide a wide range of premium products for various industrial applications.

Tapflo headquarter is situated in Kungälv, Sweden. The company develops and manufactures compressed air powered pumps and centrifugal pumps for industrial applications. The company was founded in 1980.

The present company product program includes approximately 50 different models for different needs.

Tapflo is represented by own companies in 28 countries and by independent sales companies in another 30 countries and has approximately 250 employees. Operations are environmentally friendly and manufacturing process is certified according to ISO 9001:2001. Many of our products comply with EC ATEX directives for equipment in explosion hazardous environments. The aseptic series is EHEDG certified (European Hygenic Engineering & Design Group), the pharmaceutical series has USP VI approval.

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